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Invalid clicks are a serious problem with AdSense, and a good way to minimize them is to understand the traffic sources of your visitors. By understanding the sources of your visitors, and if the majority of your traffic is from Facebook, Twitter or similar social networks then that can be a red single. For that, you need to start using Xoomato URL Guard.

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Adsense invalid traffic are really a huge problem for bloggers who specially share their content in social media like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

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You can literally share the secured URL generated by Xoomato everywhere, you don't have to worry about being tracked, or spam bot traffics. Xoomato URL Guard keeps sure that only real humans are accessing your content.

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Ads Invalid Click Protection - 3 Ways to Detect Invalid Clicks

If you've ever wondered if your ads are protected from invalid clicks, then you've come to the right place. Invalid clicks can result from many different reasons, including bots, low-quality referring websites, and even malicious software. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these issues and keep your traffic safe. The first step is to identify invalid clicks, so you can fix them. Here are three ways to detect invalid clicks and stop them from impacting your campaigns.

Ad networks are notorious for click fraud, and most ad networks do not monitor their traffic to reduce fraudulent traffic. Although some ad networks have started to implement initial checks to prevent fraudulent clicks, these are often invisible to end users. In addition, these checks help to improve the process of buying media, which is important to maximize conversions. However, while ad networks do strive to prevent fraudulent clicks, their systems are not robust enough to protect against every single one.

You can block invalid clicks using a WordPress CMS. You can install a plugin or script. The Ads Invalid Click Protection plugin limits the number of clicks made by a specific device or IP address. With this protection, you can enjoy high conversion rates without worrying about click bombs. If you use a website or blog that uses the WordPress CMS, then Ads Invalid Click Protection is a good choice. This free plugin will allow you to manage the number of clicks, while also keeping your campaigns safe from bots.

Invalid traffic are a serious problem with AdSense

Invalid clicks are a serious problem with AdSense, and a good way to minimize them is to understand the mental processes of your visitors. By understanding the way your visitors think, you can distinguish between legitimate and suspicious traffic. Identifying invalid clicks can be a long-term process that involves installing several plugins and using the help of an expert. If you haven't had the opportunity to learn about invalid traffic monitoring yet, you should now.

Sometimes, Google may not flag invalid traffic until they've performed a forensic analysis, which usually happens at the end of a month before payments are sent. The publisher of the website shown in the image below changed their aggressive layout on February 11th. Although the daily reports showed huge success, the monthly earnings report indicated massive invalid traffic. Moreover, final earnings were less than 20% of the daily reports, which prompted the publisher to revert their ad placements.

The good news is that there are various methods to detect and mitigate Adsense invalid traffic. The best one is to use the IPQS service, which scores and filters traffic from every region. This way, you won't have to worry about your website being targeted by spam bots or ad fraud. Another good way to protect yourself is by using ad fraud detection tool like Publift. The tool also has an option for bot filtering, which should be checked if you want to protect your website.

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