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Looking for a simple, secure way to secure your URL? Look no further than Xoomato! Our easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to add, manage and guard your URL, with no programming. Plus, our built-in security features protect your URL from malicious attacks and invalid traffic.

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We don't charge for verified check marks!

We don't charge for verified check marks!

We are not Twitter, we don't charge money for using our platform, neither we charge for verification tick marks. So go ahead and use Xoomato to manage and secure your URL without any worry.

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Google Adsense protection

Google Adsense protection

Sharing your website on social media is one thing that we all human being love to do, but if you're a Google Adsense publisher then that might risky for your Adsense account because social traffic is counted as invalid traffic by Google. But Xoomato has a built-in security feature that will help to protect your Google Adsense account from invalid traffic.

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What the heck is Xoomato?

What the heck is Xoomato?

Xoomato can help you avoid this by providing a secure URL that only allows legitimate traffic to click on your ads. Xoomato also protects your URL from social traffic so that your ads are not clicked on by bots or other automated programs.

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Why should I use Xoomato?

There are many reasons to use Xoomato. Here are just a few:

  • Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to add and manage your URL.
  • Our built-in security features protect your data from malicious attacks.
  • We offer a free plan that gives you access to all of our features.
  • We have a dedicated support team that can help you with any problems you may have.

What is the meaning of Unban Redirect?

The Unban Redirect feature allows you to share your blocked or suspended URL on social media without any issues. Basically, it filters the bot of social media and allows users to smoothly go to the restricted URL or link.

Is social traffic really considered invalid traffic by Google?

Yes, social traffic is considered invalid traffic from Google. It's because people might click on your ads by mistake when they're scrolling through their social media feeds.

So, if you're a Google Adsense publisher, then it's important to use a tool like Xoomato to protect your account from invalid traffic.

How you can protect your website from inorganic traffic while sharing it on social media?

I have recently upgraded our platform called, which you can use to protect your URL/website from inorganic traffic. Yes, this app can also be called Adsense Invalid Click Protector because it really filters away invalid traffic to your website.

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